Beauty in Outdoor Adventure Travel

If you are looking for some stunning scenery during your outdoor adventure travel, check out the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the central North Island of New Zealand.

An alpine, volcanic landscape, this mystical setting was used during filming of The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Check out this video; he includes some good tips for adventure travelers at the end.

Additional tips for adventure travelers;

  1. Looks like this guy struck it lucky with the weather! I’ve done it twice, both times with rain. Bring waterproof gear!
  2. Start early during peak season, this is a popular trail. Also, if you start out early you leave open the possibility of a detour walk up another active volcano – Mt Ngarohoe. This will add at least 2 extra hours to your hike. (NOT to be attempted in bad weather!)
  3. Pack some basic first aid items in your bag. The volcanic scree gets very slippery coming down the slope – we had a few scrapes as a result.
  4. Take the advice from the video – have warm gear on hand. It may snow
    Outdoor Adventure Travel

    Mt Ngarohoe



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