Outdoor Adventure Travel: 12 iPhone apps I use…

While I love outdoor adventure travel, I have to admit to being a bit of a ‘connection’ addict at times and finding it difficult to do without my iPhone!

There are a number of great apps out there now that make life easier while you are on the road, here are a few of which I use;

Outdoor Adventure Travel - iPhone Apps

Tripit – love this. Keep track of all of your flights, your various airpoints accounts and network with traveling friends. Email your itinerary to Tripit and they will update for you.

Lonely Planet – if you are like me, you don’t like carrying around heavy guidebooks. Lonely Planet is a paid app but you can download city guides, phrasebooks and, more recently regional and country guides as you need them.  Along these lines, also try Global GPS Audio Travel Guide for audio tours of many cities.

Free Wi-fi – enough said. Searches for free wi-fi spots in over 100 countries.

eCurrency – Do you always get stuck trying to work out how much you are spending in your native currency? eCurrency allows you to quickly convert based on current average exchange rates (relatively accurate but if you are using a bank card you will see some variation depending on when the transaction was processed).

My bank’s mobile app – if you haven’t got your bank’s mobile app yet, this is really great when traveling, especially if you are not taking your own laptop and are not too keen to log-in to online banking on an unknown PC.

Skype/Viber – brilliant! All you need is a wi-fi connection and you have free calling worldwide.

My Language Pro – need a phrase in a foreign language? This app will translate what you type in and offers audio as well. (caution: although I have found it to be mostly accurate, there has been the odd phrase that has turned into something amusing for native speakers).

Yelp- A great app for finding places to eat, shop and play near you.

Expedia – full range of hotel accommodation with some great deals available.

TurboScan – I really love this! Scan documents to PDF or JPEG and email them where needed. Useful for office, bank docs or to make a copy of your important travel docs.

MapMyRun+ – It often seems to be an effort to keep up a fitness regime when you are in a foreign city. I like to use MapMyRun for a couple of reasons; 1) It records all of my workouts so I’m reminded if I’m being slack! 2) If I’m out for a run in a new place and feel slightly lost, I can look at the GPS track of where I’ve been.

Bear Grylls – I love getting outdoors, hiking and various adventure activities. Ok, so you may be out of mobile reception at the time of needing this app, but you can still refer to it and it provides a great survival guide, equipment advice, fitness advice, tools and various how-tos that are  good to go through before embarking on your outdoor activity. (My personal favourite – 11. Observing and Stalking :) – and I love the morse code tool ).

Do you enjoy outdoor adventure travel but also love your smartphone? What apps do you use?

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3 Responses to Outdoor Adventure Travel: 12 iPhone apps I use…

  1. Katie Joll says:

    Thanks Tom!
    Will have a look at Kakao too. Love playing with all these apps :)

  2. Tom B says:

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for these APP recommendations , i already have a couple of these APP and i am going to test out a couple whilst i,m traveling in the US this week.

    There is another APP like Skype/ Viber called Kakao talk that you may want to look at.

    Cheers Tom

  3. Katie says:

    Found this article – some great app suggestions here too; http://buildmobile.com/20-terrific-iphone-apps-for-travelers/

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