Vegas Exteme Part II; X Scream!

If you’re looking for an adrenalin activity to spice up your day in Las Vegas, check out the Stratosphere tower.

On the roof area they have some of the world’s highest amusement rides including the one I tried, X Scream. Check it out… (cue the dramatic music).

While this is an urban form of outdoor adventure travel, it will spike your adrenalin and hey, you get to hang over a 900ft drop! X Scream hurtles over the side of the building at speeds of up to 30mph, giving the sensation that you are about to plummet from the edge.

Admittedly, I had done the Skyjump (seen in my last post) before hitting this ride so it wasn’t as great a buzz as the jump. That’s me sitting in the back, right in the video – I think for maximum effect on this try to get a seat up front!

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2 Responses to Vegas Exteme Part II; X Scream!

  1. Katie Joll says:

    Haha, valid point Tom! And this ride is a lot of fun, where else do you get flung over the edge of a 900ft drop?

  2. Tom Batkin says:

    Hi Katie,

    WOW.Looks like a lot of fun….Holy cow…. That ride is a long way up . I have a tip for you to share with other adventure travelers.

    Be sure to pack dozens of pairs of undies , if you are going to partake in extreme rides or sports.

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