Vegas Extreme Part III: The Artist

You may already have an adventurous life but have you ever considered donating all you have to charity then trying to make a living on the road?

One of the things I love about being a traveler is the interesting people you meet along the way. Joel Cocciolone is a fairly unassuming guy and a very interesting character. We met him on the Strip as we spotted him sitting away to the side painting and Susie wanted to buy some unique art.

As Joel worked on Susie’s picture, we got talking. It turns out that, a small while ago, Joel owned a busy restaurant in Florida. Growing tired of the restaurant business, he decided to sell up, donating all proceeds to charity (bar a small amount for supplies), and hit the road, traveling across the US to see whether he could fund his travel and living costs with art.

Outdoor Adventure Travel; The Artist

Joel; painting on Las Vegas Strip

Joel described it as a bit of a social experiment really, but he says that so far he’s met a lot of great people. There are the not-so great as well, and we saw one or two as we spoke. People who pay so little attention to what is happening around them that they don’t seem to realize when they are trampling over his artwork. A reminder to tread a bit more gently on this earth as you go?

Joel’s experiences are being filmed for a documentary to be released in the near future. If you want to follow his journey, check out his blog at

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