Mosquitoes – A hazard of Outdoor Adventure Travel

Living the adventure life to me means getting outdoors as frequently as possible and outdoor adventure travel in many different regions of the world. However, one part of the outdoors I’m not so fond of is the tendency to be attacked by ravenous mosquitoes.

I’m not sure if I’m particularly tasty to them, but mosquitoes seem to view me as fresh meat and if I’m not careful, I end up covered in bites. To make it worse, my skin reacts badly to bites and I am overly sensitive to many of the repellent products out there.

Because of this, I have spent a bit of time looking into what kind of natural remedies are out there that may be a bit gentler on the skin.

Here are a few suggestions (some stinkier that others!);

  1. Various essential oils such as citronella, geranium and clove oil are said to protect against mosquitoes. It is not recommended to put these undiluted directly onto your skin.
  2. Vitamin B consumption had been thought to help, although there are varying studies on this – some agree, some do not.
  3. Garlic consumption has been associated with mosquito protection. Studies found that subjects would need to consume a fair amount of garlic to be effective however – optional if you want that on your breath!
  4. Wear shirts with long sleeves and long trousers (avoid dark clothing as it is known to attract mosquitoes).
  5. Light a candle or fire; mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide so if you have something nearby giving off more carbon dioxide than you, they are less able to detect you.
  6. Avoid wearing floral or fruity fragrances.
  7. Consider mosquito nets while sleeping (or keep one of the Para’Kito clips mentioned below nearby).
  8. ┬áPara’Kito mosquito protection bands and clips work with a combination of 7 different essential oils and don’t touch the skin. The combination of oils confuses the mosquito so that they have difficulty detecting the presence of humans.

I tried the Para’Kito product while in the Amazon last year (combined with a small amount of insect repellent, not taking any chances with Amazon mosquitoes!). I (and my skin) loved the bands and I have recently got them on the store of this site. Another great thing about them is they are waterproof so you can wear swimming or in the rain.

Check out this video and my store page if you want to know more information;

Disclaimer: Obviously I do have an interest in telling you about the Para’Kito products although I do highly recommend them from personal use. I suggest figuring out what works for you and not taking any risks with regard to protection in areas of infectious disease.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for mosquito protection that have worked for you? Please comment below…

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2 Responses to Mosquitoes – A hazard of Outdoor Adventure Travel

  1. Katie Joll says:

    Thank you Cath!Great to hear that Para’Kito worked for you, and in an area of intense mosquitoes too. Good point about the effect of some repellents on your clothes and accessories as well as your skin! I’ve had those nasty experiences myself which was why I searched for an alternative…Hope you have many more crazy experiences to come :)

  2. Catherine says:

    Hi Katie, Just thought I’d drop a line and tell you and anyone else who is interested how effective the Parakito mosquito band was for me. As you know I needed mine whilst in Malaysia doing a whole lot of crazy stuff on beaches and in jungles – morning, noon and night. I wore mine on my wrist most of the time and occasionally moved it to my ankle depending on which parts were exposed. I’m very happy to say that I didn’t get any bites! Although we were in a low Malaria risk area I was still keen to minimise any existing, albeit low, risk of this as well as Dengue and other mosquito born diseases. Parakito certainly has a strong scent but it’s not unpleasant and does fade a little as time goes by (or perhaps I just got used to it!). I was much more comfortable wearing this band than the last type of insect repellant that I purchased which not only made my skin burn & sting but discoloured my clothes and ate into the plastic of my sunglasses – not ideal! Thanks for bringing this great product to my attention and I hope it helps other travelers as it helped me! Thanks again Katie and keep on adventuring!! Cath

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